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Mission One Eleven

Go and Make Disciples

Go and Make Disciples

Raising Up A Generation

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Mursi spring 13The structure of Mission One Eleven is established and easy to implement. It gives local churches an International experience and allows everyone to participate in completing the Great Commission.

The true “mission” of Mission One Eleven is to fulfill the Great Commission and share the Gospel with unreached and unengaged people groups. Mission One Eleven strengthens and complements a churches existing missions program by empowering them to send their own people to reach unreached tribes in some of the most remote places on the planet. This experience raises a passion for missions throughout the congregation.IMG_7663

Participating students dedicate six weeks for training at a Mission One Eleven training centers. For an additional six weeks students go on an extreme expedition to an unreached area or tribe, live among them and share the Gospel through story telling. The success of Mission One Eleven is evident in students returning with great passion and enthusiasm while sharing their experiences and desire to continue to devote their time and energy toward missions.

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:37

Extreme Expedition

Mission One Eleven brings people together to be trained to go to the most remote places in the world. They train together as a group, study God’s word, learn story telling, and prepare physically and mentally for extreme and harsh conditions. They go through a “boot camp” for 6 weeks, take classes in “What is the Assignment”, prayer and meditation. They learn how to work together as a team through  team building exercises such as hiking and training in mountainous and dense forests regions to adjust to harsh terrains overseas. They spend weekends serving the community, preaching, and sharing the Gospel through story telling, but most of all, they learn how to trust each other and trust God.M111_team_heli_2011_spring_slider

Here’s how it works: once a group or tribe has been located or identified as unreached or unengaged, a Mission One Eleven team is sent in. They then travel to that group, make and build a relationship with them, and camp with or near them. The Gospel is presented to them through storytelling.

The hardest question teams have heard is, ”If you’ve known about this good news, why have you waited for so long to bring it to us?”
The success of the Mission One Eleven is evident in the returning students who want to share their experience and continue to devote their time and energy toward missions.

The best part is, when they return, they are returning to your church to help prepare, energize and recruit others into the Great Commission. Mission One Eleven participants will come back with resources that will excite your congregation; stories of miracles, meeting fascinating people, photos, videos and some may even participate in  “The Assignment,” a Reality TV Show! “The Assignment” follows the Missions One Eleven group from their departure, through every step of their journey.

We see their adjustment to the culture, watch them step out in faith to speak to people about Jesus and follow them into the primitive bush in search of unreached tribes. “The Assignment” captures the excitement of the students quest to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

Ministry Leaders Pioneer Track

This track is for Pastors, Associate Pastors, Mission Pastors, Youth Pastors, elders, and business professionals who wish to experience pioneer missions but do not have an available three months.

These ministry leaders are on a short term trip (2 weeks) into the remote bush where Mission One Eleven has established the Lordship of Jesus already.

These leaders will experience living amongst a previously unreached tribe and take them to the next level of Bible stories, discipleship and help establish new churches to give these new believers a firm foundation.

Mission One Eleven is a turnkey “Missions Movement” hosted by local churches all over the world! Taking ordinary people to proclaim the wonderful news of Jesus Christ!