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God said to Joshua, “Go through the camp and command the people,
‘Prepare provisions for yourselves, because within three days you’ll be
crossing the Jordan River to take possession of the land that the
Lord your God is giving you— so go get it!’”
The Three M's

The Three M's

We reach the unreached through:
Mass Evangelism Mobilization and Mission Networking.

  • 1

    Mass Evangelism

    By preaching to large crowds of indigenous people, we believe that we can reach the unreached through Mass Evangelism.

  • 2


    By sending teams of young missionaries to the ends of the earth, we believe that we can reach the unreached through Mobilization.

  • 3

    Mission Networking

    By connecting Churches and ministries from around the world, we believe that we can reach the unreached through Mission Networking.





Our Founders

Karl & Jennifer Hargestam

Karl & Jennifer Hargestam


Jennifer aKarl and Jennifer Hargestam are the founders of Joshua Campaign International, a pioneer mission and evangelism movement that reaches hundreds of thousands each year. More than 3 million people have responded to the Gospel. Thousands of churches have been planted as they call for a Gospel army of believers to join the great “Assignment.” Millions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East have been impacted by the work of Joshua Campaign. During Karl’s early ministry in Africa he, together with his family and staff began an enormous effort among African tribes. Tribes that had never before heard the name of Jesus were able to hear and understand God’s great gift for them.karl_set_pic

We all have been given this indescribable gift of salvation. We received a gift that was so valuable that God sent his only son to pay for it.

This gift is not just for us but for everyone who will receive it. However, there are people who may never have the chance to receive this gift because they have never been given “One Chance” to hear the Gospel. These tribes and unreached people groups need to be told of the gift that’s waiting for them. We have committed to deliver this Good News.

This is our Assignment. Karl & Jennifer invite you to join them and their teams to take this “Assignment” into new and unconquered territories around the world.

Karl and Jennifer Hargestam are the founders of Joshua Campaign International, a pioneer mission and evangelism movement that reaches hundreds of thousands each year.




Our International Headquarters Located in the USA

Joshua Campaign International

Joshua Campaign International


Our purpose is to unite churches, beyond denominational lines, and mobilize the existing church to reach the uttermost parts of the world and reach as many as we can to fulfill Gospel from every nation, tribe, and tongue.

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Mass Evangelism

Panorama 1 EthiopiaLarge Gospel festivals and rallies held around the world.


By sending teams of young missionaries to the ends of the earth, we believe that we can reach the unreached through Mobilization.Nick Heli

Mission Network

By connecting churches and ministries from around the world, we believe that we can reach the unreached through Mission Networking.jacq tribe 3


Nick Sartoris began working with Joshua Campaign and was instrumental in developing the Mission One Eleven model of mobilization.

He organized groups from churches in the Unite States and Sweden to search out unreached people groups in the bush of Ethiopia and Madagascar. His experience in being able to deal with the unknown, the unexpected and his boldness for championing the unreached led him into leadership in planning and implementing large Gospel Festivals.

As Karl Hargestam continues to cast vision throughout the world, Nick and his wife Jacqueline travel throughout the United States sharing with local churches and organizations on how they too can join with Joshua Campaign in “Reaching the Unreached and Giving One Chance for Every Person.“ With 2.7 billion people who have not heard we must continue to press in to finish the assignment Jesus gave in Matt 28:19-20, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Joshua Campaign Internationals desire is to create a local and international missionary network to collaborate with the vision of the unfinished assignment, “One Chance for Every Person.”




Locations Worldwide

New Life Joshua Campaign Ministries

New Life Joshua Campaign Ministries

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Beginnings

In 1997, Karl and Jennifer Hargestam launched Joshua Campaign, by the name of New Life Joshua Campaign Ministries, in Ethiopia. Karl, a helicopter pilot with a heart to reach unreached people groups devoted his life to this ministry. Karl started holding large Gospel Festivals that ranged between 40,000 to 300,000 people. Since then, more than 3 million first time salvation booklets have been given out to people who have declared to have received Christ into their hearts.

Per and Abbi Åkvist

PER & FamilyPer and Abbi Åkvist took over leadership of New Life Joshua Campaign Ministries Ethiopia in 2007. They continue to hold large Gospel Festivals as well as minister and assist abused women and children with Joshua Mercy Ministries. New Life Joshua Campaign provides translators and logistical support for Mission One Eleven Expeditions and Mission One Eleven Missionaries when launching teams into the bush to reach unreached tribes and villages.

Joshua Mercy Ministries

Orginally started by Jennifer Hargestam, Abbi Akvist continues stewardship of the Joshua Mercy House by rescuing women and their children from the streets of Addis Ababa and from a life of abuse, prostitution and begging.

Mercy House
The Mercy house is also a place where the women hear and experience the Gospel, learn to worship, acquire practical skills, receive financial support. Women live in their own homes , but do occupy the house 5-6 days a week to participate in various training activities offered. Many of the women who are assisted by Joshua Mercy Ministries come directly from the streets of Ethiopia. Others often hear about the training center by word of mouth. Most participants are abandoned single mothers with a background in prostitution or begging, and commonly illiterate. These same women are drawn into a new life through the Mercy Project Education Program. One required prerequisite for women to be in the program is for each of them to have the personal motivation to change their individual lives. Only then can the assistance from the Mercy House be long and effective.IMG_1327

Vocational Training Center
This nine-month program provides women at the Mercy House daily Bible teaching and skills training. The various training stations offered include: baking, sewing and knitting lessons, café training and education in the spice trade.

Child Sponsorship
Sponsored children also live in their own homes but come regularly to Mercy House to play, receive prayer, and belong to a loving and safe community. They receive monthly financial support from various “sponsor parents,” whom assist the children in many ways. The support covers the cost of schooling, school supplies, school uniforms and nutritious food.

Coffee House
Joshua Mercy Ministries runs several small Coffee shops in Addis Ababa. These shops have become a great training place for women who may not have experience in the working envioronment. They learn to manage the workplace and learn how to make coffee and pastries, be a productive employee and a provider for their children, household and eventually independent freedom.Wom proj 1

Business Micro Loans
Joshua Mercy Ministries can provide small micro-loans to Mercy House graduates who have shown they are capable and responsible. These small loans can help these women start a small business such as a sewing shop, coffee shop, bakery or preparing and selling spices.

Joshua Private Ltd.

Joshua Private Ltd. is the commercial arm of Joshua Campaign
International that handles import/export and trade. Because of Joshua Campaign’s vast experience and organizational skills in holding large public gatherings, they have many opportunities to serve others in Ethiopia with:

Joshua Sound and Stage Rentals                                                                            

Truck at Nazareth crusade 1 Joshua Private Ltd. has the only large sound system and stage available in places outside Addis Ababa. When the equipment is not being used for Crusades, they offer rentals for concerts or other ministries.

Joshua Trucking Company                                                                                            Trucking services within Ethiopia.

Joshua Import and Export                                                                                            Based on their extensive experience importing goods for various needs, Joshua Private Ltd. now offers importing services. In addition, they offer an exporting service that is primarily used for their Joshua Flowers project.

Joshua Bible Institute

Joshua Bible Institute recruits students from the many villages in which Joshua Campaign and Mission One Eleven performed pioneer work in, by way of sharing the Gospel. Rather than leaving these new Believers to flounder in their new faith, Joshua Bible Institute selects strong candidates that show a desire to spread the Gospel and begins an in-depth teaching of God’s Word.test1

The goal is to make disciples by raising them up and sending them into their villages to build churches in their native languages and tongues. So far the Joshua Bible Institute has had more than 630 students and from that they have started hundreds of local churches.

Since 2007, when Per and Abbi assumed leadership over New Life Joshua Campaign they have cared for both the widow and orphan and seen many people come to Christ.
Joshua Campaign Sweden

Joshua Campaign Sweden

Boras, Sweden


While Joshua Campaign does most of it’s outreach in nations with unreached or under-reached people groups, these countries are also poor and lack financial resources to perform ministry without the help of others.per and abbi

Per and Abbi Åkvist speak to local churches and ministry groups to raise funds to support ongoing operations of New Life Joshua Campaign in Ethiopia. All funding of the large Gospel festivals and support for Mercy Ministries must come from generous supporters. Abbi shares her powerful story of when she was a little girl living in Ethiopia and was given to a family to be kept as a slave whom was physically abused. It was Swedish Missionaries who rescued and adopted her, showed her love and introduced her to God. Abbi has a special gift in bringing awareness to the plight and needs of many women in Ethiopia and to allow people to give and support abused women and their children.

Joshua Campaign Sweden is an organization that collaborates with churches, denominations and ministries all over the world to share the vision of Joshua Campaign and allow others to participate personally and financially to reach unreached people groups.
Joshua Campaign Pakistan

Joshua Campaign Pakistan

Faislabad, Pakistan


Even though 92% of the people in Pakistan are Muslim, Karl Hargestam has held many Gospel Festivals in Pakistan with tens of thousands in attendance.

Pakistan is surprisingly receptive to open air gospel festivals. People come in large numbers to hear the Gospel and to see miracles happen.

Siantar 6_7 night MB 166It is their desire for people not to just know that Jesus existed, but that He is alive! That Jesus was more than a prophet, more than a teacher and more than any miracle worker. The people in attendance hear that Jesus is who He said He is. The Son of God!

Joshua Campaign sees miracles happen in Pakistan!
Joshua Campaign Kenya

Joshua Campaign Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya


In 2002 Joshua Campaign began holding open air Gospel Festivals in Kenya. These festivals were very successful in reaching large numbers of people with the Gospel. In addition, two bible schools were developed to train missionaries to follow up with new believers and build churches in communities with new believers. These schools are still in operation today.

Due to danger and threat of terrorism from Al-Shebab who have infiltrated from Somalia, Joshua Campaign is dormant in operations. We are praying for opportunities to return to Kenya in the future.

Joshua Campaign in Kenya.
Joshua Campaign India

Joshua Campaign India

Chennai, India


There are exciting new frontiers to be re-opening for Joshua Campaign and Mission One Eleven during the years of 2015 -2016. Their missions partner, Helimission, has begun surveying and are laying the groundwork to open a new helicopter base in Manali India, right at the base of the Himalayas. Joshua Campaign has held many Gospel Festivals in India from 2006 through 2008, a helicopter will allow for the searching of new unreached people groups to share the gospel with.

Joshua Campaign in India.
Joshua Generation Indonesia

Joshua Generation Indonesia

Medan, Indonesia

Mission One Eleven has established new local relationships and partnerships with local churches in Sorong, Indonesia to reach tribes in the mountainous region of the Abun Tribe.

Early success has prompted Joshua Campaign to begin surveying with our ministry partner, Helimission, to find a suitable helicopter base in order to reach these unreached tribes. Joshua Generation is the Indonesian headquarters for Joshua Campaign. Joshua Generation maintains a network of churches and organizations that partner with us to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

In 2014 Joshua Campaign International felt led to send Mission One Eleven teams into the ‘Birds Head’ of West Papua, Indonesia to discover
unreached people groups.
Go and Make Disciples

Go and Make Disciples

Raising Up A Generation

MOE Banner


Mursi spring 13The structure of Mission One Eleven is established and easy to implement. It gives local churches an International experience and allows everyone to participate in completing the Great Commission.

The true “mission” of Mission One Eleven is to fulfill the Great Commission and share the Gospel with unreached and unengaged people groups. Mission One Eleven strengthens and complements a churches existing missions program by empowering them to send their own people to reach unreached tribes in some of the most remote places on the planet. This experience raises a passion for missions throughout the congregation.IMG_7663

Participating students dedicate six weeks for training at a Mission One Eleven training centers. For an additional six weeks students go on an extreme expedition to an unreached area or tribe, live among them and share the Gospel through story telling. The success of Mission One Eleven is evident in students returning with great passion and enthusiasm while sharing their experiences and desire to continue to devote their time and energy toward missions.

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:37

Extreme Expedition

Mission One Eleven brings people together to be trained to go to the most remote places in the world. They train together as a group, study God’s word, learn story telling, and prepare physically and mentally for extreme and harsh conditions. They go through a “boot camp” for 6 weeks, take classes in “What is the Assignment”, prayer and meditation. They learn how to work together as a team through  team building exercises such as hiking and training in mountainous and dense forests regions to adjust to harsh terrains overseas. They spend weekends serving the community, preaching, and sharing the Gospel through story telling, but most of all, they learn how to trust each other and trust God.M111_team_heli_2011_spring_slider

Here’s how it works: once a group or tribe has been located or identified as unreached or unengaged, a Mission One Eleven team is sent in. They then travel to that group, make and build a relationship with them, and camp with or near them. The Gospel is presented to them through storytelling.

The hardest question teams have heard is, ”If you’ve known about this good news, why have you waited for so long to bring it to us?”
The success of the Mission One Eleven is evident in the returning students who want to share their experience and continue to devote their time and energy toward missions.

The best part is, when they return, they are returning to your church to help prepare, energize and recruit others into the Great Commission. Mission One Eleven participants will come back with resources that will excite your congregation; stories of miracles, meeting fascinating people, photos, videos and some may even participate in  “The Assignment,” a Reality TV Show! “The Assignment” follows the Missions One Eleven group from their departure, through every step of their journey.

We see their adjustment to the culture, watch them step out in faith to speak to people about Jesus and follow them into the primitive bush in search of unreached tribes. “The Assignment” captures the excitement of the students quest to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

Ministry Leaders Pioneer Track

This track is for Pastors, Associate Pastors, Mission Pastors, Youth Pastors, elders, and business professionals who wish to experience pioneer missions but do not have an available three months.

These ministry leaders are on a short term trip (2 weeks) into the remote bush where Mission One Eleven has established the Lordship of Jesus already.

These leaders will experience living amongst a previously unreached tribe and take them to the next level of Bible stories, discipleship and help establish new churches to give these new believers a firm foundation.

Mission One Eleven is a turnkey “Missions Movement” hosted by local churches all over the world! Taking ordinary people to proclaim the wonderful news of Jesus Christ!


Trogen, Switzerland


helimission logoThe goal of Helimission is to bring social, medical and spiritual help to people in remote and inaccessible areas.  Helimission is non-denominational and helps those in need without consideration of their religious affiliation.Heli

Currently, Helimission partners with Joshua Campaign in Madagascar, Ethiopia and Indonesia and efforts are being made in other countries such as India and Brazil. The base in India would be near the Himalayas in Manali, and the base in Brazil wound be located on water (a floating Helicopter base) to serve in the Amazon.

Helimission is based in Trogen, Switzerland but operates in Ethiopia under the New Life Joshua Campaign Ministries in Awassa, Ethiopia.

Helimission is a helicopter foundation dedicated to spreading the gospel, especially in the remote parts of the world.


...and to the ends of the earth


feature_112When people experience the  joy of bringing the good news to unreached people groups, something changes on the inside of them. After witnessing how people’s new found faith brings freedom to their tribes and villages, some of our Mission One Eleven students find their “Assignment” and become fulltime missionaries. However, they are not ordinary missionaries, they are Pioneers.

“Coming to these places, I have a whole new outlook on Luke 10:2,” Nick Sartoris says, “This is where Jesus says, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.’ I took to heart this scripture, resolving that I would be one of the few.”IMG_9867

John 10:10 tells us that we have “life to the fullest,” because of Jesus. We can’t speak for what has been done or not done in the past, but what we do know that we have the answer. How can we not tell it? And how can we withhold, not only the answer, but full life to anyone.

I Am A Pioneer is our pioneers that have come to the conclusion that giving life, in Jesus, is more important than living their own life. These brave men and women trek into the most remote and uncharted places in all the world. From hiking in the dense rainforest, swimming through crocodile infested rivers or walking across sun scorched deserts, these pioneers go to wherever the Gospel has not been. Whether they are preparing for a Mission One Eleven teams or visiting the tribe for the first time with only a translator, they believe they are a part of the great commission and the great unfinished assignment that Jesus Christ gave to his church over two thousand years ago.


Our pioneers believe its a birthright for every one to hear the Good News of Jesus.




Spreading the Word throughout the World

Television & Media

Television & Media

California, USA


Joshua_MediaJoshua Publishing & Media originally began as a way to handle book publishing for Joshua Campaign.

Karl Hargestam published several fiction and non-fiction novels and workbooks that help people understand what the “Assignment” is that God has given to each of us.

But it soon grew into much more.

Logos, branding, design and film production were added through a partnership with Jon Slagle and his company Scope Studios in California. Now Joshua Publishing and Media includes the successful reality television show, “The Assignment,” documentaries, Mission One Eleven promotions, highlight films, and television commercials.

The Assignment TV SHow

“The Assignment” reality television show allows the viewer a glimpse into a pioneer mission field, in which they experience adventure, danger and the miraculous hand of God. Strangers brought together, with a desire to reach the lost, are dropped into a foreign and exotic land with minimal supplies and resources. The viewer travels with teams and shares in the victories, frustrations, and watches as the teams learn to rely on each other and on God.DVD cover

Will they reach their “Assignment?”

We have nixed the pretense of shiny religiosity and written scripts in order to capture real people on a real mission. It offers adventure, extreme and exotic conditions, and real people in various conflicts.

But more than anything, “The Assignment” demonstrates how ordinary people can do extraordinary things; even in remote and isolated villages.

Currently airing in North America and in Europe and is also available on Blu-ray disc.


tessaIn 2014 Joshua Publishing and Media embarked on an ambitious plan to document and film Mission One Eleven’s journey into the Abun Tribe in Indonesia. This exciting and breathtaking footage is now a new documentary, it explicitly shows how Mission One Eleven will go to the ends of the earth to reach people groups with the good news of the Gospel.


Whether it’s books or magazines, Joshua Campaign is interested in communicating the message “that there are still more than 3,400 unreached people groups in the world that have yet heard the Gospel.”

Joshua Publishing & Media brings real life experiences to you
Addis Alem, Ethiopia

Addis Alem, Ethiopia


Joshua Flower Farm began in 2005 as a vision of Karl Hargestam and Dave and Ethelene Reed. When Dave retired from a lucrative oil business in the United States, he and his wife decided to take the savings they had accumulated for a nice retirement and completely invest in the creation of the Joshua Flower Farm as a way to fund the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Opening a Flower Farm in Ethiopia was not easy and they needed God’s favor to accomplish it. But that’s who we serve! Now the farm employs many Ethiopians and has improved the lives of their employees, their families, and has greatly impacted the community.

Joshua Flowers produces eight varieties of roses and cuts as many as a quarter of a million long stem roses a month that are shipped and sold in neighboring Dubai UAE.

Joshua Flowers brings God’s beauty into the Arab world to help fund the Gospel.
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